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Dedicated Pennsylvania Law Firm Helps to Establish Nonprofits


Whether you are considering starting a nonprofit organization or want to convert your business into to a nonprofit organization, the Owen Law Group, LLC can help. The degree of careful planning and management that goes into establishing a nonprofit can determine the success of its mission, and our dedicated attorneys can help you navigate the legal issues nonprofits often face.


Nonprofits face many similar struggles as for-profit corporations, in addition to their own unique challenges. Attorneys Jack Owen and Susan Ott handle a wide range of nonprofit-related legal matters, such as:

  • Filing (or amending) incorporation documents — Just like a for-profit business, articles of incorporation for nonprofits must be filed with the state.  IRS-required provisions are critical.  Nonprofits that plan to raise more than $25,000 in funds per year also generally need to register with the state in order to solicit charitable donations. Once registered, they also need to submit annual fundraising reports to the state.
  • Establishing and Guiding a board of directors — Pennsylvania law requires that nonprofit corporations set up a board of directors to oversee the management of the organization.
  • Clarifying the charitable purpose — If formed as a charity, a nonprofit must have a central charitable purpose and will need to establish that the charitable purpose benefits the community in some way.
  • Putting forth Bylaws  — Bylaws are important to document the structure of the organization and to establish procedures for its operation. When Bylaws do not cover an area of governance, certain state default Bylaws apply.  For example, when Bylaws fail to state a timeframe for board member service, the state law says that board members may only serve one-year terms.

Not all business lawyers are familiar with the ins and outs of nonprofit and tax law. At the Owen Law Group, LLC, we possess extensive experience representing successful nonprofits, at all stages of development.


We help nonprofits file the necessary tax forms with the Internal Revenue Service and the state, resolve violations that could jeopardize tax-exempt status and keep them informed about IRS and other regulations. Working with a law firm that has extensive knowledge of tax matters affecting nonprofit organizations can help to avoid tax and legal problems and give you the best chance of success. It is critical to not just focus on what the nonprofit must do, but also to give heed to what it must not do, and our attorneys can help you achieve this balance in your nonprofit’s daily affairs.

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